Ava's mind
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First appearance "page 247"
Latest appearance
Type Pact Mind
Associations Ava Ire
Wrathia Bellarmina

Ava's mind is a series of tightly packed and organized left and right drawers, in which she keeps everything about herself hidden. For example, her thoughts, dreams, feelings, and aggression. Outside and around these drawers is a dusty and dark nothingness until Wrathia makes herself at home. It is first seen on page 0247.


Ava's mind is very dark and ominous. It is filled with drawers and childhood items from Ava's past along with some luxury items which Wrathia herself has used to redecorate. Lava is frequently seen dripping from the drawers and crevices, this lava along with the few candles seen about is the only light source in Ava's mind as of now. The drawers in Ava's mind hold her thoughts, memories, and feelings. These drawers bubble and react to her mood, as seen when Ava violently yells at Wrathia.


After entering into a pact, Wrathia no longer exists around Ava, as they are the same person. Instead, Wrathia lives inside Ava's mindAva meets her there, and Wrathia reveals that she brought Ava back from the dead, meaning Ava's desire of having a new life is fulfilled, and that their pact is halfway complete. When Ava explodes with anger and threatens to fail the pact if Wrathia doesn't give her a different life, Wrathia agrees to do so after they kill TITAN.  Wrathia gives Ava her heart as collateral, and turns it into a key, which sits in Ava's chest. This, in turn, created a drawer in Ava's chest that the key unlocks, which allows objects to pass through the physical world into Ava's mind and vice versa.

Later, Ava eventually falls asleep and once again meets Wrathia in her mind for the second time. Ava tells Wrathia about finding Tuls, but Wrathia is dissatisfied, telling Ava that Tuls is only powerful when he is in a good mood, and that rarely happens. When Ava notices a yellow flower growing behind one of the drawers she comments bitterly of Wrathia has taken up gardening, to which Wrathia says that gardening is for servants. She then goes over to study the flower and finds herself in a hallway like area leading to Maggies mind.

When on the TITAN HQ planet with Odin, Ava stands close to Pedri who is in demon form. Wrathia smells him from inside Ava's mind and gets ready to see him, wearing new clothes and applying makeup. 



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