Ava's school planet
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First appearance "Page 5"
Latest appearance ""End of Chapter One""
Type Planet
Associations TITAN

Ava's school planet is one of many man-made planets created for the sole purpose of schooling students in TITAN-run schools. The planet was inhabited by children and teenagers, who were relocated there after TITAN conquered their home planets and separated them from their parents.

Ava Ire and Maggie Lacivi were long term residents of the planet. Odin Arrow is known to have inhabited the planet for a time, although it is unknown how long.


These planets are artificial and created by TITAN for the specific purpose of relocating families from previously bought planets. The housing is incredibly cheap and most resources are quoted by Michelle as being "hand me downs", but the planet still has a viable core which is implied to have been harvested by the Silent Scavengers.


When Ava is first intraduced it is in the glassrom where Maggie and Odin are also intraduced. the classroom appears to have dull brown walls, along with tilled floors. On the right of Ava there is shown to be a bulleton board with posters likely of TITAN. In the ront of the class there seems to be a black board with blue pannels on it. The teacher and students appear to use things similar to Ipads but with the TITAN incorporated symbol on the back.

Principal's Office

The principals office has more of a blue tint compared to the classrooms, and has a blue lockable door. to the left of there door there is a poster though it is unsure what the poster is. the dest the principal uses seems to have a sceen built into it. Outside the principals office seems to be filled with posters and dull brown wall and floors.


On 1/3/3031, Ava shouts out in class due to Wrathia's harassment. She is sent to the principal's office. A strange boy sitting behind her, later revealed as Odin, attempts to get her attention. Maggie reacts violently and ends up leaving, thinking that he is a stalker. while Ava is being reprimanded, Wrathia temporarily takes control of Ava's body and makes her give the principal the middle finger and call him a "paper pushing moron". She is expelled immediately and prepared to be sent to a Galactic Child Containment Planet for special needs children. Maggie goes to the principle's office seeking help, only to be brushed off by the secretary. Odin enters the room, having evidently followed Maggie. Odin, now having her attention, tries to warn her that they are in danger and that she should leave the planet with him. Maggie brushes the comment aside, mistaking it for poorly-executed flirting. At that moment, the school is attacked by the Silent Scavengers that break the wall of the building. Maggie is hit with debris and immediately knocked unconscious.  Ava follows as Wrathia attempts to discourage her. After a close encounter with the scavengers she manages to sneak onto Odin's spaceship - and as the ship takes off, she witnesses the destruction of her planet.


Ava's school planet was destroyed after Silent Scavengers quickly attacked and began stripping the planet of its resources and core. 



  • Ava cried when her schooling planet was destroyed because she had hoped her parents still lived there. Whether or not they actually did is a mystery, but Michelle has confirmed that they won't appear in future chapters.

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