Ava's battle-axe
Ava's battle-axe
First appearance "1464"
Latest appearance
Origin Ava Ire
Owner Ava Ire
Type Weapon
Associations Wrathia Bellarmina

Ava's battle-axe is a weapon summoned by Vengess Ava. Ava pulled this out from her chest during her fight with Strategos Six. It strongly resembles the heart key that Wrathia gave Ava. This is the first pact weapon seen in the comic.

The weapon is first seen on panel 1464


It is several feet in length with very jagged blades. The axe resembles Wrathia's face. A train of lava is seen coming off the blade when Ava pulls it from the Drawer of Wrath. A cord is wrapped around the top from the telephone that Wrathia called Ava on.


Ava first summoned and used this weapon after she threw Stategos Six away from herself. It's abilities include emitting a fiery blast capable of burning people to death on impact. When swung, the axe's blades leave a trail of lava behind them.


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