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An official photo created by Michelle, which depicts Ava as Alice, Odin as the March Hare, Maggie as the Mad Hatter, and Wrathia as the Chesire Cat.

The Ava In Wonderland AU was created by Michelle Czajkowski and later expanded by the fans through asking questions on her since-deleted Formspring.

Michelle has also confirmed many parallels in Ava's Demon to Through The Looking Glass and Alice In Wonderland.

Characters and Counterparts

  • Ava - Alice
  • Maggie - Mad Hatter
  • Odin - March Hare
  • Gil - White Knight
  • Crow and Raven - Twedle Dee and Twedle Dum
  • Ranunculae - The Duchess
  • Strategos Six - [Unknown]
  • Wrathia - Cheshire Cat
  • Nevy - White Rabbit
  • Tuls - Mock Turtle
  • Pedri - Smoking Caterpillar 


  • Wrathia's potion bottles given to Ava are a reference to the common theme of Alice finding 'Drink me' bottles in Wonderland.
  • Ava chasing Odin is a parallel to Alice chasing The White Rabbit. Ava in her own way falls down the rabbit hole and starts her adventure.
  • The talking flowers in Maggie's Garden are a possible reference to the passive/aggressive flowers that talk with Alice in Through The Looking Glass
  • Ava climbing up the books in her mind to meet Wrathia while she smokes her pipe is possibly a reference to Alice meeting the Caterpillar.

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