Book of TITAN
First appearance "page 360"
Latest appearance "page 1850"
Origin TITAN's army
Owner Gil Marverde
Type Book
Associations Gil Marverde

Maggie Lacivi

TITAN handbook, also known as The Book of TITAN is a book likely made by TITANS'a army, and is given to Gil Marverde and likely other Followers. In Gil's book it states: "He created the beginning of everything, And crafted time and space with a knife, Life began from the palm of his hands, And when you look down his throat you can see the entire universe."


The cover of the Book of TITAN is blue with white accents with scratches all around it, and a flickering blue TITANS inc. symbol in the center. The pages also flicker seeming to be like am electronic book.

Uses and effects

The Book of TITAN is used to create Maggie's rose and explain to Maggie who TITAN is. Because it was the "cherished item" by Gil, Maggie and Tuls used for the spell to create a flower.



Once Maggie wakes up from the crash Gil explains that he is 19, and that he is currently training to be a Doctor in TITAN's army. Maggie is confused as to why TITAN would have an army, as she thought TITAN was just a corporation that bought out "at least half of this corner of the universe," to which Gil replies that TITAN is a way of life. He gives Maggie a book explaining TITAN's greatness. The book dictates that TITAN created the beginning of everything. That he crafted space and time with a knife, life was created from the palm of his hands, and that when you look down his throat you can see the entire universe. Gil then expresses more praise for TITAN as Maggie awkwardly agrees with him.


When Maggie enters her mind she tries to convince Tuls to work his magic for her. He is initially resistant, saying that she has already abused his powers, that he is becoming weak, and that he wishes to find Ranunculae soon. However, he agrees to help despite Gil being the sixth boy she has tried to court. The pair walk down a stairwell discussing their pact and their relationship. Tuls then pulls out a flower seedling, telling her it is a rose and that it is his second to last one. After restating the rules of his magic, they commence the ceremony using Gil's book to produce a blue rose. Maggie places the flower in her cupboard, kisses Tuls, and exits.

Later Gil leaves Ava and Odin on his ship so he can retrieve something he had forgotten. After a while, Gil comes back on ship having not found his missing book, not knowing that Maggie had it.


After roughly landing, Gil asks everybody to wake up and apologizes because of the knock. After questioning if Maggie is okay, she asks where they are. After explaining to her about their situation, he asks if she still wants to become a follower. When she agrees, he then explains about how they will leave Odin and Ava in the refugee center. Before leaving, Maggie questions if the ship has a mirror. After Gil talks about one at the utility closer and recommends her to be quick, Maggie goes inside and checks the flower. She removes the book from it, also removing the knob of the door at her stomach and tying her hair with it. She also pushes up her breasts, saying that it's time to 'perk up'. After she leaves the closet looking for Gil, she finds him outside of the ship and she asks him to wait. She says that she "found" his book, when she actually stole it, and asks if he dropped it on the floor of the ship. After thanking her, Gil notices that the book has dirt on it and Maggie says that it is odd.


  • The quote "When you look down his throat you can see the entire universe" refers to the Hindu god, Krishna. He possesses the universe inside of him, which can be seen when looking down his throat.