Cargo Vessels
First appearance "Page 1575"
Latest appearance "page 2050"
Type Ship
Associations Followers

Cargo Vessels are the ships used by TITAN's followers. They first appear in page 1576 after Ava's battle with Strategos Six when TITAN HQ cools down from the heat and lava that Ava created. Their purpose is currently unknown.



The inside of a cargo vessel, with a window, tiled ceiling and what probably are labelled boxes to the far left

Cargo vessels are rectangular-shaped with pointy-shaped appendages pointing down. TITAN's logo is on the bottom of its hull. It has a light blue color scheme on the outside. It has a door and can be boarded through there.

Inside, there are what look like labelled boxes, a window, and a control pad near the door which most likely controls it. They seem to possibly have security cameras, as they are shown to have no one inside them and being automated. The ceiling has a tile-like pattern. The inside has a mostly green colored scheme.


The cargo vessels first appear after Ava's battle with Strategos Six, appearing in the air in many numbers. They are noticed by Odin, Maggie, Gil and possibly Ava. Gil points them out for what they are, speculating that there might be a dock to the west, the direction of where they came. He and Maggie then chase off to get on board one.

Later, they manage to get inside one that still hasn't taken off and notice that it is empty. Gil realises it's an automated vessel which means there are high chances of there being security cameras. Then they hear Odin telling them to wait while running to them with Ava unconscious in his arms. Maggie tries to close the door, slamming her fist on the control pad to keep Odin out, and he leaps in to the door.Odin manages to get in despite her effort.

When Odin attempts to explain what happened, she yells at him to shut up and calls hims a stalker. Gil notices that Maggie talked about crashing Odin's ship and asks her what she means by that, as she had told him earlier about Odin being a "fugitive" and madly crashing the ship. She then admits that she may have crashed his ship. She explains on how she restrained him and smashed the controls, claiming it was all in self-defense.

Later a criminal alert is sent out by Strategos Six, Maggie confusingly states that she and Gill hadn't done anything, while Gil is in denial saying that it cant really be happening. When the alert goes out Gil panics and exclaims that it isn't real and that it couldn't be happening. He crawls over to his bag and pulls out his ID, becoming void.


  • What the cargo vessels true purpose was is unknown, though it cannot be evacuation since no one was inside. It's most like that they were transporting cargo, due to the fact that they're devoid of people and have labelled boxes.
  • It's currently a mystery on what's inside the boxes, because they were the only thing of seeming value in the cargo vessel. It's most likely that the cargo vessels were transporting them somewhere, because of the amount of boxes with labels and the name,"cargo" vessels.