Chapter Eight: Limbo Land
Book two
First page "0605"
Last page "0696"
Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Illustrated by Michelle Czajkowski
"Chapter Seven"
"Chapter Nine"

  Chapter Eight: Limbo Land is the eighth chapter of Ava's Demon, and is the second chapter of Book Two. The chapter shows Ava discusing the plan with Wrathia.

The chapter has 91 pages, and has no animation. Ava is featured on the cover.



Wrathia tells Ava that drinking from a vial will fill her with strength

The chapter begins with Wrathia continuing to talk with Ava through the Chattermina telephone. She tells Ava that she needs to fake confidence in order to convince the other hosts of Wrathia's warriors to make pacts. Wrathia adds that she's bestowed incredible power upon Ava, including the vials. She warns Ava to save them for a dire moment, as the Followers are a force to be reckoned with. Wrathia mentions that she is part of the Vengess species, and reveals that of her warriors, only Pedri was a Vengess.

Ava sees glowing creatures through the Limbo Lenses

Her other warriors ruled over their own planets and species. She tells Ava to contact her right away if she comes across any of the warriors. Ava questions whether mentioning Wrathia's name will cause a warrior to take her side, or be scared away. Gil knocks on the door to check on Ava. Maggie is passed out at a table, holding a bottle of liquor.

Nevy warns Gil that they need to leave soon in order to board the flight to the TITAN Medical Institution. She reminds Gil that if he stays to take care of Ava and Maggie, he'll have to wait until next enlistment day to earn his medical license. Gil calls to Ava to exit the bathroom, but she crawls out the window. Ava accidentally breaks the cord of the Chattermina telephone, and uses it to tie the heart key around her neck. She looks through the Limbo Lenses, and sees glowing butterflies, mushrooms, and other creatures.


Ava kicks the phone out of Odin's hand before he can take a picture.

Ava trips over Odin, and the glasses fall off her face. Odin sees the box in Ava's chest, and asks her what it is, and whether she's human. He lifts her up, and tries to take a picture of the box before putting her back down. Ava kicks the phone out of Odin's hands, and accuses him of kidnapping her friend. Odin had hung her by her shirt on a branch, and she kicks until it breaks and she falls.

Feeling sympathy for her, he pulls out the branch snagged in her shirt, and offers Ava his jacket. Odin places his notebook and his ring -- hanging from a chain -- next to him as he sits on a fallen tree. Ava slips her finger in the ring, and asks why he doesn't wear it. Odin responds that the ring is too big for his finger.

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