Chapter Eighteen: Odin's Bad Day
First page "1599"
Last page "1697"
Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Illustrated by Michelle Czajkowski
"Chapter Seventeen"
"Chapter Nineteen"

 Chapter Eighteen: Odin's Bad Day is the eighteenth chapter of Ava's Demon. The chapter shows Ava, Maggie, Odin, and Gil coming together since their arrival to TITAN HQ.

The chapter has 98 pages, and has no animation. Maggie and Gil are featured on the cover.



Ava notices Odin walking in her direction, and immediately berates Odin passive aggressively for leaving her behind, calling him a "spineless deserter". He looks up, saying he knows the voice, before the source leaps down from above and lands in front of him. Looking at her, he recognizes the person as Ava. After saying that she didn't like his vanishing act but managed to decorate the place, Odin asks in disbelief if she was the one who had caused all that explosion and heat. She ignores Odin's confusion and continues toying with him, noting that she still feels something fierce left in her.


When she asks him to tell her what would tie the place up together, he finds himself unable to answer. With the last bit of her power, Ava Ire sets the Titan statue ablaze and promptly passes out. He is shown to be coughing until she collapses. While Ava is on the ground, Odin approaches her and tells her he didn't mean to desert her and asks if that was the reason she turned into a Vengess. When he realises that she hasn't noticed the changes to her body yet, he asks her in shock if she had noticed how she had horns, her clothes, all of her power and the fire she literally "willed out of the air".

He goes on to say that if she truly had decimated TITAN HQ all on her own, then there was no way she was a human with power of this magnitude and that she has the aspects of something "not from this dimensional realm". Pedri can be briefly spotted sitting behind Odin as Odin explains to a now-unconscious Ava of the events that just took place. Odin then asks her "Who are you really, Ava Ire?". When Ava falls unconscious, he frantically shakes her in an attempt to wake her up. At that moment one of Maggie's leaves fall on Ava's face.

He instantly recognizes it and realizes that Maggie is still near, hoping there will be a way to escape from Titan HQ. He cracks his knuckles and picks Ava up. He says that they should go and that they'll find Maggie and finish the mission. Maggie is then shown running with Gil behind her and calling "Wait!" to the cargo vessels before going into one with Gil. They both pause for a minute, panting, but notice that nobody is there.

He notes that it is probably and automated vessel and worries about the security cameras. They then hear Odin calling for them to wait and both turn to look, Maggie with a furious and annoyed expression on her face. Gil looks with a tired and annoyed expression says "Titan, help us". Odin yells for them to wait and hold the door. Maggie then yells "Close the door! Close the door!" while slamming her fist onto the control pad in an attempt to keep Odin, who is carrying an unconscious Ava, out.


He leaps inside and lands right in front of Maggie and Gil, and she shows disbelief at seeing Ava and asks Odin why he's here. Maggie and Gil both accuse him of being in league with Ava in destroying TITAN HQ and how they've come to kill him and Maggie in revenge for trying to put them into the refugee center, with him reacting to disbelief at the accusations. He says he's not trying to hurt anyone, to which Maggie asks him why he had to get on their ship specifically and not on another one, to which he tells her he would have had a ship had she not crashed it. In the middle of Maggie and Odin's argument, he notices that she talked about crashing Odin's ship and asks her what she means by that, as she had told him earlier about Odin being a "fugitive" and madly crashing the ship.

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