Chapter Eleven: A Meeting of the Minds
Book two
New chapter11
First page "0902"
Last page "1010"
Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Illustrated by Michelle Czajkowski
"Chapter Ten"
"Chapter Twelve"

  Chapter Eleven: A Meeting of the Minds is the eleventh chapter of Ava's Demon, and fifth chapter of Book Two. The chapter shows Maggie and Ava in both of their minds.

The chapter has 108 pages, and has no animation. Wrathia is featured on the cover.



Ava eventually falls asleep and once again meets Wrathia in her mind for the second time. Ava tells Wrathia about finding Tuls (commenting that he seems rather powerful), but Wrathia is dissatisfied, telling Ava that getting Tuls to join would be useless, and that Tuls is only powerful when he is in a good and that rarely happens. She suggests Ava find a better warrior, such as Nevy Nervine or Pedri Nanezgani, since Tuls would be more of a plan. When Ava notices a yellow flower growing behind one of the drawers she comments bitterly of Wrathia has taken up gardening, to which Wrathia says that gardening is for servants. She then goes over to study the flower and finds herself in a hallway like area leading down to a green clearing filled with trees and flowers.

She comments that the place is far to pretty to be her mind. As Maggie is leaving, she finds a strange drawer with lava and soon crosses paths with Ava. Unaware of Ava's pact, and of the subsequent ability it gives her to travel into other minds, she starts to bully Ava, thinking that she is another creation of Tuls. Maggie shouts at Ava to get out of her mind, however, Ava says that is impossible to her get out of her own mind. Maggie becomes incredulous, complaining that Tuls wastes his magic with elaborate illusions.


As Ava affirms that she isn't an illusion, and is the real Ava. Underneath them, a large crack opens up into a gorge filled with lava. When Ava notices that Maggie made a pact with Tuls and tries to convince Maggie that she's real and that she also has a demon with a pact that needs completing and that they could help each other complete them.The two of them take on the appearances of their childhood selves, as Maggie claims that she cannot believe what she is hearing, saying that Ava doesn't know anything about helping her and drops her into the gorge. Ava wakes up on the floor of the ship, the landing abruptly waking her.

After roughly landing, Gil asks everybody to wake up and apologizes because of the knock. Maggie wakes up and asks for someone kill the lights. Gil asks Odin and Ava to wait by the guards because he wants to talk with Maggie alone. When the two of them get out, Gil after questioning if Maggie is okay, she asks where they are. After explaining to her about their situation, Gil asks if she is sure that she wants to travel with him and become a follower.


Maggie claims that she is totally ready for it. Gil then explains about how they will leave Odin and Ava in the refugee center. Before leaving, Maggie questions if the ship has a mirror. After Gil talks about one at the utility closer and recommends her to be quick, Maggie goes inside and checks the flower. She removes the book from it, also removing the knob of the door at her stomach and tying her hair with it. She also pushes up  her breasts, saying that it's time to 'perk up'. Outside, Odin becomes stressed at a number of guards there are, hoping that he and Ava could run and sneak onto a cargo ship. The guards at TITAN HQ take note of her, Maggie's and Odin's faces.

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