Chapter Fifteen: The First Sin
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First page "1309"
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Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Illustrated by Michelle Czajkowski
"Chapter Fourteen"
"Chapter Sixteen"

 Chapter Fifteen: The First Sin is the fifteenth chapter of Ava's Demon. he chapter shows Ava being transformed by a vial.

The chapter has 67 pages, and has but no animation. Ava is featured on the cover.



Finally, the machine descends once more to apply. TITAN ear devices are implanted in her brain, and blue eye lenses are deployed to her eyes. Then her mouth is opened by mechanical clasps, and a mouth piece is inserted into her throat, and it is strapped with metal straps. However, her brain and nervous system being crushed due to being forced into a smaller body originally meant for Ava. And her whole body is strapped with metal flexible bars and a haircut is being applied.

Ava begins to panic at Prudith's new body, which looks like another Ava, and calls to Wrathia for help. Ava receives a call from Wrathia asking where "he" is. Wrathia smells him from inside Ava's mind and gets ready to see him, wearing new clothes and applying makeup. Ava says that she doesn't know what Wrathia is talking about and asks for help, as she explains that she is at TITAN HQ, trapped in the machine. Ava asks the help of Wrathia Bellarmina and describes Prudith as "another Ava".

Wrathia is pleased, and completely unworried that Ava is in danger. After Ava begs for help, Wrathia gets angry, claiming that she already has the help she needs, and sends Ava one of her bottles from the book. Wrathia is pleased when Ava finally drinks and channels her anger through Ava, their souls merging into their pact form. Upon drinking the red bottle, Ava starts to cough lava from her mouth, growing fangs and horns, assuming an appearance similar to Wrathia. Otherworldly clothing begins to mold her body.


She starts to speak maniacally, and objects around her are set alight. Before long, Ava destroys the door of The Gate to Paradise and throws Prudith Loone's burning body out of it. In this form, she kills Prudith Loone. A short while later, the door of the Gate to Paradise is blown off and they catch the heated door before a Prudith is thrown out of the machine. She proceeds to decapitate all the guards in the room with some sort of energy and gleefully assaults Strategos Six as they try to call for backup. Six calls for backup after the nearby guards are killed, only to find their microphone's wire has been cut. Six is then assaulted and pinned by Ava, who is under the influence of a Vial, and told to be quiet.

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