Chapter Nine: Discovery and Doubt
Book two
First page "0697"
Last page "0806"
Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Illustrated by Michelle Czajkowski
"Chapter Eight"
"Chapter Ten"

  Chapter Nine: Discovery and Doubt is the ninth chapter of Ava's Demon, and third chapter of Book Two. The chapter shows Odin and Gil arguing about paradise.

The chapter has 109 pages, and has no animation. Odin and Gil are featured on the cover.



Odin gestures to Ava that Gil's love of TITAN is crazy

Odin sits on a fallen tree and sketches Ava in his notebook. Ava asks why she never saw him in class. Was he held back a grade? Odin lies and responds that he's sixteen, and skipped class a lot. Ava accuses him of not looking that age, and leaves to find a shipyard. Odin warns her that there's miles of dangerous forests on the planet, and that she might die trying to find a port.

Ava angrily responds that she can't die. Ava tells Odin to say goodbye to Maggie for her. Odin asks Ava whether she knew that Maggie could turn her arms to branches. Ava admits that she didn't know, and that Maggie perhaps isn't as human as she thought. Gil runs over, happy to have found Ava and Odin.

Gil tells them that he needs to leave the planet immediately so that he can earn his medical license. Odin wants to return to his home planet, and asks Gil to drop him and Ava off there. However, Gil explains that his ship is only programmed to fly to TITAN's headquarters and back. When Gil adds that he's a follower of TITAN, Odin states that it explains a lot. Ava, however, is eager to come with, as she believes that TITAN lives at the HQ.


Odin sees TITAN posters within the ship

Odin agrees to come as well, in the hopes that there will be a shipyard on the planet. Gil explains that after he completes the test, he'll become a doctor. He describes the refugee center, where Ava, Maggie, and Odin will have their health tested, be given clothes, and be reeducated. Ava looks back at Odin, who rolls his eyes and gestures that he thinks Gil is crazy. Ava asks whether TITAN lives, and whether Gil knows where.

Gil tells Ava that TITAN does not live there, then he realizes that he forgot his book and leaves Ava and Odin to board the ship. Odin scoffs at the TITAN logos and posters within the ship. Maggie sleeps on the ship. When Ava looks at her through the Limbo Lenses, she sees Tuls Tenebrose, sleeping. Ava says that he must be a warrior, but that he's less scary than Maggie or Wrathia.


Ava sees the door in Maggie's stomach, and realizes that she must have made a pact

She finds the blue rectangle on his abdomen to be odd, but when she takes of the Limbo Lenses and lifts up the bottom of Maggie's shirt, she sees a door. She realizes that Maggie must have made a pact, and questions how she will be able to recruit her. Odin interrupts, and suggests that the glasses provide x-ray vision to look under people's clothes. Ava blushes, embarrassed. Gil walks onto the ship, resigned to the fact that he'll need to get a new copy of his book.

Ava swallows her embarrassment or rage, and coughs out smoke. She asks Gil again where TITAN lives. Gil explains that he lives in Paradise, where elite followers live forever. Ava and Odin question whether Paradise actually exists. They continue, asking what if TITAN isn't so great, but rather uses the promise of Paradise to bait people into working for him. Nevy makes the comparison between baiting people and baiting fish, popping a fish-shaped bubble in her hand. Gil continues to insist that Paradise exists, and that he'll send photographic evidence once he has the honour of living there.

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