Chapter Nineteen: I Lived, Bitch
First page "1698"
Last page "1799"
Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Illustrated by Michelle Czajkowski
"Chapter Eighteen"
"Chapter Twenty"

 Chapter Nineteen: I Lived, Bitch is the nineteenth chapter of Ava's Demon. The chapter shows Strategos Six after their and Ava's battle.

The chapter has 101 pages, and has the song "Olai's Room", but no animation. Strategos Six is featured on the cover.



Odin shows sarcasm at the idea of being called a fugitive and quietly explains what really happened. When Odin attempts to explain what happened, she yells at him to shut up and calls hims a stalker, saying "You're so full of it!!!".When Odin asks her to tell Gil about how she tried to choke him with her plant arms, she says she won't until he explains why he only rescued her and is obsessed with her. Ava lays unconscious throughout Odin, Maggie, and Gil's argument, being only mentioned once or twice through it.When Odin mentions Maggie's tree arms and branches, Gil affirms that he does recognise her leaves since his yard was littered with them and that he had to pry Odin out of some branches woven tightly around him covered with the same leaves.


Nevy is shown to be sitting inside and listening to Gil and Maggie's argument and looking on with an annoyed expression. Maggie then admits that she may have crashed his ship. Later, when the cargo vessel containing Odin, Ava, Gil and Maggie leaves TITAN HQ, it shows a spot on the planet, where, next to Six's sword/gun weapon sticking out of the ground, a fist pushes itself out of the hardened earth, revealing an arm. Afterward, Six is shown crawling out of the ground with a different look. After emerging, they contact TITAN, informing him of what has just occurred, confirming it to be the work of Wrathia.

TITAN then orders them to 'go fourth and conquer. Then, both Raven and Crow emerge from a trapdoor in TiTAN HQ, having survived Wrava's wrath. Crow immediately tries to contact Olai and arrange for a ride back to their home planet. However, when the message is transmitted, Olai is nowhere to be seen. Lucky, Merita, who happens to work for the Arrows as a maid, walks by at this time of the video transmission. Craw and Raven are able to catch Merita's attention.

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