Chapter Thirteen: Trapped
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Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Illustrated by Michelle Czajkowski
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"Chapter Fourteen"

 Chapter Thirteen: Trapped is the thirteenth chapter of Ava's Demon. The chapter shows Ava and Odin entering into the shocase.

The chapter has 103 pages, and has no animation. Ava is featured on the cover.



As Odin remarks that Ava acts like his sisters, he is surprised when Pedri creates a swarm of purple dragonflies. When Ava asks Odin about his sisters he starts to change the subject. He ignores Pedri and begins the search for Maggie along with Ava. Later they proceed to look for Maggie and they end up in a gathering of followers and get trapped in the crowd. Ava Ire is revealed to dislike crowds and starts to panic.

Odin tries to calm her down. He explains that the building just has one door, which would be their only entrance or exit. He gives his hand to Ava, saying that with it she won't be lost in the crowd, Ava initially refuses, so Odin takes her hand without caring about what she says. A spiritual form of Ava starts to form at her back; a representative of her social anxiety disorder. Moments later Ava sees Maggie out of the crowd with Gil and they go straight to Maggie only to bump into a guard,who asks what they are trying to do.


Odin tries to justify them, saying that they are trying to leave the building. The guard says them that the two can't leave because Strategos Six is about to speak. Ava starts to cry. The two head back to the crowd and Odin says to Ava that they maybe will find Maggie close to the stage. Odin is caught by Raven who tells him to back up quietly while using a gun.

When she draws close to the stage, she notices that Odin is missing. leaving Ava alone in the crowd while Odin is lead by Raven away from the crowd straight to where Crow is, Raven pushes Odin to the floor and Crow tells him to wear handcuffs. when Odin refuses Raven points the gun at him and fires a warning shot as both sisters insist Odin wears the handcuffs, when he agrees Crow takes a picture of him and reveals they are about to have a reward for tracking him. Raven reveals that Crow is about to see girl named Merita, and implies she is going to have a date. Odin states his disapproval by telling her she is still too young to have dates.


Crow, embarrassed, starts making fun of him and calls him "an 18-year-old virgin nerd lord" to hurt him for embarrassing her. The twins then lead him away from the crowd, leaving Ava alone. The twins inform him that Olai knows that Odin crashed the and that he has "failed the mission". They prepare to take Odin home and try to get him to accept that he has failed. Strategos Six is announced, as Ava tries to ask if there's a way to get out.

Maggie and Gil make their way towards the place where Gil will officially register as a doctor, and Maggie as a follower. While applauded, Strategos Six welcomes them and introduces themselves. Then, they express the greatness of TITAN, before describing the Scavengers as horrible beings who need to be brought to justice. Strategos Six tells their audience that they must spread the word of TITAN around the universe, in order for they, themselves, to be saved. They tell the audience that TITAN changes the lives of his followers, and for that, they must be loyal and thankful to TITAN until death.

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