Chapter Twenty-One: Coral Grief
First page "1900"
Last page "1999"
Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Illustrated by Michelle Czajkowski
"Chapter Twenty"
"Chapter Twenty Two"

  Chapter Twenty-One: Coral Grief is the twenty-first chapter of Ava's Demon. The chapter shows Nevy gaining back her memories and her relationship with Wrathia. The chapter contains 100 pages, and has no animation. Ava is featured on the cover.



Ava after waking up

Once Ava is conscious, she asks if they have arrived at HQ yet. Maggie yells that she annihilated HQ as Gil's sleeve catches on fire. Ava puts it out and apologizes, realizing not all of what she had done was a dream. This angers Maggie more and tells Ava of the destruction and murders she committed, and Ava looks more uncomfortable and nervous. She stutters through a confession that she could not bear to lose Maggie to the big dreadful universe. Maggie, disgusted, calls Ava pathetic and tells her to crush on someone else.

Ava attempts to tell her that is not what her fear was about, Maggie refuses to listen to her. As Ava mentions Tuls and Maggie's haunting, Maggie grows more irritated and tells Ava that she is "nothing like her". Ava notices Gil watching her and Maggie argue and asks Gil to listen to her so she can explain, while Maggie yells that she is crazy. As Ava tries to explain her actions, Gil sarcastically remarks that it is good she is aware her "'course of action' included murdering the innocent".


Ava becomes more upset that Gil does not understand why she destroyed the stadium, beginning to cry while talking about the horrors of the body-dissembling machine. Ava's tears burn away as her skin heats up, growing more erratic and angry while remembering her fight with Strategos Six. Gil asks if she murdered Strategos Six. Ava remarks she did what she had to in order to escape. Gil brushes her off, saying he will be sick if he listens any longer. Desperately, Ava tears off her wrappings to reveal her Drawer of Wrath. Gil, Maggie, and Odin look on in horror as Ava pulls open the drawer, removing Wrathia's Plan.

Ava points to the drawings in the book, explaining how she has been haunted all her life and how Wrathia needs her warriors to defeat TITAN. Gil asks Maggie what Ava is talking about. Ava goes on, explaining the nature of her pact with Wrathia. Ava says Maggie knows what a pact is, to Maggie's horror. Maggie's skin begins to take on a green hue and turn more wood like when she denies this to Gil, saying Ava made it all up to excuse herself.


Nevy possessing Gil

Ava gets more angry when Gil accuses her of distracting them with "conspiratorial ramblings". Gil begins to yell at her, saying Ava cannot distract him from seeing all the people she killed and her lack of self control. He also says it won't hide her "bodily horror show", and that he is not scared of her. She talks about how TITAN is a criminal, upsetting Gil greatly. Nevy then possesses Gil and screams at Ava to stop.

Ava notices a faint imprint of Nevy's hands on Gil's shoulder and puts on the Limbo Lenses. Nevy is then revealed to her. Ava says she should have realized Gil was haunted the whole time. Gil, confused, asks what she's talking about. Ava speaks directly to Nevy while Gil warns her not to come any closer. Gil mistakenly believes Ava is talking to him when she asks if Nevy can see her. After exasperatingly telling her that "of course he can see her", Ava corrects him and points to Nevy.

Odin and Maggie watch in confusion, Odin sighing about Ava's use of the Limbo Lenses, Maggie asking what's happening.

Nevy's portrait.

Gil realizes Ava can see Nevy. Ava continues to talk to Nevy, but remembers she cannot hear her, and shows Nevy her photo in Wrathia's Plan. Nevy gets excited and relays this to Gil, remarking that "this is fate, Gil!". Maggie and Odin, both possessed by Tuls and Pedri respectively, tell Ava to stop because she is scaring Gil. Ava continues to ignore them, encouraging Nevy and saying that "Wrathia really didn't do Nevy any justice in this drawing".  Nevy continues in her excitement, reaching out to touch her photo in Wrathia's Plan. When Nevy touches her photo, she is suddenly transformed into her true form.

Nevy begins to see Ava as Wrathia and addresses her as so, surrounded by flashbacks. Multiple scenes flash by, the first of Wrathia and Nevy as children, implying they have romantic history. The next series of flashbacks reveal Pedri and Nevy worked together to kill Wrathia's first husband, and they were romantically involved before Wrathia was in a relationship with Pedri. Pedri, in the early flashbacks, is shown without his skull mask. Nevy becomes more pained and screams, holding her head between her hands. She then rapidly flashes into multiple forms and outfits. In a bright flash of white, Nevy settles on a single form fish swimming around her.


Gil and Ava watch this in fear, while the lights in the ship begin to flicker. Nevy begins to angrily address Ava as Wrathia once more, calling her "Vengess, Queen of the Cursed" and a traitor. Ava clutches her head in pain, implying Nevy is somehow psychically or telepathically encroaching on her mind. Maggie and Odin ask what's going on, as they cannot see Nevy. Nevy begins to talk about Wrathia's plan, calling her a coward for her suicide. The scene cuts suddenly to Wrathia, lounging in Ava's mind and painting her nails. The chapter ends with a stream of water and fish suddenly bursting into Ava's mind and landing on Wrathia.

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