Cursed wine
First appearance "Ava's Demon: page 0169"
Latest appearance
Origin Wrathia Bellarmina
Type Drink

The cursed wine is a potion that was created as a tool to usurp TITAN.


Wrathia Bellarmina made the Cursed Wine when TITAN threatened to invade the Vengess home planet, knowing that even if she were to surrender she might not live. The purpose of the potion was so that her warriors and friends could attach themselves to the soul of the next living being that came into life. The hope was that, upon doing this, the new life-form would form a pact with the demon, making them almost invincible and allowing them to "claim victory in death"[1].

Michelle Czajkowski stated in her public stream on February 9, 2015, that Wrathia made hundreds of bottles of wine and sent them to as many of her warriors[2].

Wrathia poisoned both her and Pedri's respective wines, and drank hers upon confronting TITAN, causing her death. The deaths of all other demons are currently unknown, although since they are ghosts in Limbo attached to life-forms, it is obvious that they all drank the cursed wine.


  • It was believed that the cursed wine kills upon consumption, as in Wrathia's case, but in truth the wine she and Pedri drank had been poisoned.


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  2. Stream on February 9, 2015

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