Cursed wine
First appearance "page 0169"
Latest appearance "page 0175"
Origin Wrathia Bellarmina
Type Drink
Associations Wrathia Bellarmina
Pedri Nanezgani
Nevy Nervine
Tuls Tenebrose
The cursed wine is a potion that was created as a tool to usurp TITAN. The wine allows Wrathia's warriors to attach their souls to the next being that immediately came to life.


Wrathia made hundreds of bottles of wine and sent them to as many of her warriors, but the ones we've seen so far are Wrathia's and Pedri's. Wrathia's wine is filled with what looks like lava and is in the shape of a sphere, symbols associated with Ava Ire. Pedri's wine is in a rectangular bottle filled with purple liquid, though neither thing is a symbol of Odin or Pedri the color purple is usually associated with both.

Uses and effects

Wrathia brews a cursed wine that allows the drinker's soul to be attached to the next being to immediately come to life. Wrathia and Pedri poisoned their wine specifically, kiiling upon consumption.


Wrathia Bellarmina made the Cursed Wine when TITAN threatened to invade the Vengess empire planet, pointed out by her husband Pedri that surrender may not guarantee their survival. The purpose of the potion was so that Wrathia's warriors and friends could attach themselves to the soul of the next living being that came into life. With the hope that, upon drinking the wine, the new life-form would form a pact with the demon, making them almost invincible and allowing them to "claim victory in death".

Wrathia poisoned both her and Pedri's respective wines, and drank hers upon confronting TITAN, causing her death. The deaths of all other demons are currently unknown, although since they are ghosts in Limbo attached to life-forms, it is obvious that they all drank the cursed wine.


Many theories have stemmed from the demons themselves and how they died. Since Nevy has been proven to have trouble remembering her past, the theory goes, If one of the demons were murdered, they forget all about their past lives. For example, some believe Nevy may have been beheaded tying into the Ava In Wonderland AU, and the reason she no longer has many of her memories.

Another theory is interested in the bottles and what demon they represent. Starting on the front row from the left. the wine is a bright green and has what could look like stomach acid coming off of it similar to what look's like inside the vials for gluttony, also the bottal is in the shape of a hexigon the same shape that is in the background of a unkown host. the wine to the right of that one could bee seen as lust (Tuls) due to the medeum green color and the triangular shape of the glass. The third to the right could have been wrath had we not not already seen wrath's (Wrathia's) poisoned wine. The fifth wine to the right has a rectangular shaped bottle with a purple and pink color scheme along with a somewhat nail shapes cork, its likelky that this is the pride (Pedri) bottle seeing as Pedri is seen holding a very similar bottle on page 173. The wine on the far right had a pink and red color scheme and a heart shaped cork likely being for sloth, seeing as the likely host for sloth has a hert shape background and the vial for sloth being entirly pink. Directly in the middle of the group of wines is a blue and purple bottle with a pink string around it and a round cork with what could be seen ass boubbles coming off of it, this likely being the envy (Nevy) bottle with the colors matching Nevys.


  • It was believed that the cursed wine kills upon consumption, as in Wrathia's case, but in truth, the wine she and Pedri drank had been poisoned.
  • Michelle Czajkowski stated in her public stream on February 9, 2015, that Wrathia made hundreds of bottles of wine and sent them to as many of her warriors[1].



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