Drawer of Wrath
First appearance "page 0296"
Latest appearance "page 2050"
Origin Pact
Owner Ava Ire
Type Drawer
Associations Wrathia Bellarmina
The Drawer of Wrath was given to Ava Ire after she made a pact with Wrathia Bellarmina. It requires the heart key to be opened. The Drawer of Wrath first appears on page 0296.



Ava Ire's chest drawer appears to be made of wood with the designed being what is presumably Wrathia's smiling face and flames, with the key hole being her nose.

Uses and effects

Ava's drawer serves as a means of transporting objects between Ava's Mind, where Wrathia resides, and the physical world. The Drawer of Wrath initially provides Ava with Wrathia's Plan, the Vials, the Limbo Lenses and the Chattermina telephone.


As per Ava's request, she gives a piece of her soul to Ava in the form of a key, creating the Draw of wrath. Upon waking up and removing the bandages, she sees the drawer embedded into her chest with the key in a keyhole. Inside the drawer is a book, Wrathia's Plan, filled with "bad drawings," as Ava describes them. Ava Ire cannot understand the symbols and becomes exasperated. Wrathia then calls her on a small phone that appears in Ava Ire's chest drawer. Later Odin, who notices the key and lock on her chest remarks that it must be painful. He picks her up and she angrily tells her to release her, calling herself a "dangerous alien." Odin then hangs her on a tree branch and tries to take a picture of the drawer, but Ava kicks his camera out of his hands, and brakes the branch in the process.

Odin removes the branch from her dress and gives her his coat to cover the drawer in her chest, Ava sees this as a friendly gesture and stays. After incapacitating Strategos Six, Ava says that she will show her appreciation of TITAN through a theatrical production of her own design; Ava then throws Six off the stage and pulls a battle-axe resembling her key out of her drawer resembling lava. Once pulling out the battle-axe the drawer returns back to normal. After trying to justify and explain the reason behind her actions to Gil, Ava rips the front of her dress revealing the drawer. She unlocks it pulling out Wrathia's Plan explaining the basics of being a host to a demon. once Gil becomes possessed by Nevy and Ava pulls out the Limbo Lenses.


Moribund Malediction

Moribund Malediction

The Plan

The Plan