Full name
Members Elsieanne Caplette
Stephane Sotto
Based in Montreal
Role Musicians
Website Official website

Elsiane is an pop/trip-hop musical duo from Montreal. They are comprised of Peruvian vocalist Elsieanne Caplette, and drummer Stephane Sotto. One of their songs, "Time For Us", has been used in Ava's Demon.

Professional history

Elsiane formed in the year 2000, and released their first album, "Hybrid" in 2007.

They released their second album, "Mechanics of Emotion" in 2012.

Personal life

Elsieanne grew up in Peru, and studied classical music in Lima. She began composing at the age of 14, and immigrated to Montreal in 1999.

Stephane was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec and is a self-taught musician, with a strength in drumming.


  • Their name "Elsiane" is a combination of both of their first names.

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