Fira Wajiha
First appearance "Panel 410"
Latest appearance "Panel 1436"
Full name
Other names
Gender Female
Species Human
Demon Aaraini Annisa
Symbols and themes Flowers

Bright and Soft Colors

Affiliations Followers


Fira Wajiha is an old classmate of Gil and Dana, studying on a school made by TITAN and the Followers for new students of their age. She is first seen during Gil's flashback to his childhood at the TITAN school. Recently, she made another appearance as a worker for TITAN who files paperwork for those applying to become soldiers, and is dating Gev Astraeus.


Fira most notable for her bright flower-patterned pupils of her eyes, contrasting well against her light olive skin and her long dark brown/black hair. A golden yellow flower hair clip is also pinned to the left side of her hair to keep the bangs off her face. She wears a bland green button up, a name tag, and a dark green pair of pants.


No matter what state she is in, she tries her best to be kind to others because of her strong belief in karma. Coming from a down-to-earth background with a culture that appreciates nature, tradition, and presses on the importance of establishing good social connections, Fira would often put others happiness first before her own. This, however, becomes her face to the public, always putting a polite smile on her face and avoid any attempts of knowing her better unless you prod her well enough to convince your sincerity towards knowing her as a person.

She will only open up to one, showing her loud and bouncy and/or her quiet and moody side, once one gains full trust from her. Being so friendly to others can sometimes drain her though, as she can often be seen lounging in a quiet area reading a book or drawing what would be in front of her. Some of her drawings involved silly doodles of Gev as well whenever she’s around him during their free time, as they both share a quietly pleasant and fully trusting friendship. This also shows how loyalty plays an important part in her relationships and once she gains your trust, she will dedicate her life to you.


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In her first appearance, Fira was sitting in class behind Gil, and beside Dana. At some point, she began to work for TITAN. In the year 3031, she was handling paperwork in TITAN HQ Planet, with her partner, Gev. Gil is called with the number 124 by his old friend Gev. after 8 years Gil is happy when he sees him again, but Gev does not recognize Gil at all and neither does Fira. When Gev asks Gil for his ID and tries to search for Gil's files for him to apply as a doctor. Gev has a hard time finding Gil's files and voices th


is, catching Firas attention. Both voice their confusion of Gil's class letter and follower plan. Dismissing it as a system error Fira suggests calling it in and reporting it, Gev commenting that it's not worth the paperwork. Gev continues on to get Gil's enlistment form. Gev prepares to enlist Gil as a medical janitor. he asks for the enlistment fee and Gil grabs the money required before being interrupted by a wounded follower asking if any soldiers were nearby. Gil backs away from him when he asks for help. Right then an explosion caused by Ava makes the walls and ceiling collapse, killing everyone in the room but Maggie and Gil.


  • Fira is an original character made by Nami, a friend of Michelle Czajkowski. Thus, she is a cameo, similar to Merita.
  • Fira can bake well.
  • Fira is well trained in tessenjutsu.
  • Fira used to force Gev to read with her and eventually he became accustomed to reading in peace with her, so sometimes they will spend the day together reading a book in a park.
  • Fira is quiet when it comes to her opinions but she can become pretty reckless when defending Gev.
  • Gev and Fira from the start of their friendship up until now liked to swap folded notes with each other containing silly messages.