Florem Mortem
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First appearance
Latest appearance
Origin Naturally grown on Vengess empire planet
Type Flower
Can be smoked

Florem Mortem, or "Flower of Death" in Latin, is a plant associated with Pedri Nanezgani. It was favored by his wife, Wrathia, and it grew on the planet she chose to build her empire. Its leaves can be smoked, a habit possessed by Wrathia and Odin. When smoked by the Vengess, it acts as a relaxant.


  • Odin smoked Florem Mortem, due to the effect it had on Pedri, which made him unable to speak to him; reason may be because it had a resemblance to how Wrathia did when they were alive.
  • It is both Wrathia and Odin's favorite flower.
  • It is grown on the world that Wrathia built her palace.
  • Odin keeps petals of the flower in a hole carved into his book.


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