A slogan of the followers
First appearance
Latest appearance
Leader TITAN
Known characters Gil Marverde (recruit)
Principal Via
Prudith Loone
Strategos Six
Gev Astraeus

The Followers are loyal soldiers and believers of TITAN's army. They believe that TITAN created everything and that they must serve TITAN their entire life in order to live in Paradise and get answers about the world. The group is a religion, an army and an entire empire at once. Even though they control almost all of the universe, some groups such as Silent Scavengers, Wrathia's Empire and the Arrow Family are not within their control. The Gate to Paradise was created to give followers new, armored bodies suitable to an elite follower.

They appear to have blue contact lenses, rodent-like ears, a mask, and armor that seems to vary depending on the job or rank.



The Followers appeared suddenly in the universe, wishing to overthrow Wrathia and Pedri's Empire. They conquered the planets in the empire then inadvertently led Wrathia and her best warriors to drink the Cursed Wine.

The Followers are in constant war against the Silent Scavengers, and instruct their new recruits to hate and fight the Scavengers. The Arrow Family is another group that is not allied with the Followers; however, they do not appear to be fighting with them.

The Followers follow a hierarchy that puts the doctors at a high position of respect. Strategos Six is the second-in-command. They train young Followers on several planets throughout the universe.

Known members


  • Their ears, microphone and mouthpiece share the features of a rat, inferring they are TITAN's rats.
  • The slogan "See TITAN, hear TITAN, speak TITAN" is a reference to the Japanese proverb of the Three Wise Monkeys.


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