Gev Astraeus
First appearance "Panel 411"
Latest appearance "Panel 1436"
Full name
Other names
Gender Male
Symbols and themes
Affiliations Followers


Gev Astraeus is a minor character and is shown to be a follower of TITAN. His first appearance in the comic was in a flashback to Gil's days studying to become a follower, he also used to share a bunk with Gil, and would eat lunch together. Gev is later seen in chapter sixteen, handling paperwork in TITAN HQ Planet, with his partner, Fira.


Gev has dull blue skin, no pupils(that we can see), round human-like ears and dull green hair that is very similar to his skin color that is cut very short. As a child, he had slightly lighter hair. When we meet him again early in chapter 16, his hair has gotten shorter.


Gev is very serious and not chatty, and somehow his thoughts always pace around and/or end up being bored halfway


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In his first appearance, Gev was with Gil and two of his friends, Gil notices a "strange woman", who looked sad. Gill talked to her while his Gev and his friends stared at him, disturbed. After talking to her, he turned to them and asked for help, and they had thought Gil was messing with them, for they could not see Nevy. She didn't speak to Gil, and many times his friends caught him "talking to himself" as he tried to communicate with her. At night, before sleeping, Gil would thank Nevy.Gev sharing a bunk with him would hear him talking to nevy, but


think he was talking to himself. Gil was almost held back from becoming a medical expert because his friends had reported him as being a lone wolf who talked to himself often, which he dismissed as praying loudly. At some point, he began to work for TITAN. In the year 3031, he was handling paperwork in TITAN HQ Planet, with his partner, Fira. Once finishing with Daniel, Gev calls for the next number. Gil is called with the number 124 by his old friend. after 8 years Gil is happy when he sees him again, but Gev does not recognize Gil at all and neither does Fira, who was another one of his classmates. When Gev asks Gil for his ID and tries to search for Gil's files for him to apply as a doctor. Gev has a hard time finding Gil's


files but when he does he prepares to enlist Gil as a medical janitor. Gev asks for the enlistment fee and Gil grabs the money required before being interrupted by a wounded follower asking if any soldiers were nearby. Gil backs away from him when he asks for help. Right then an explosion caused by Ava makes the walls and ceiling collapse, killing everyone in the room but Maggie and Gil.


  • Gev's name wasn't created by Michelle, but instead friend and artist, Nami.
  • Gev can cook like a culinary student
  • Gev has a secret interest in combat techniques.
  • Gev hated reading until Fira forces him to read with her and eventually he became accustomed to reading in peace with her, sometimes they’d just spend the day together reading a book in a park.
  • Gev hates water
  • Fira is quiet when it comes to her opinions but she can become pretty reckless when defending Gev, and the same goes for him.
  • Gev is secretly a worrier and only talks about his concerns to Fira, even about Gil and how he’s been talking to himself.
  • Gev and Fira from the start of their friendship up until now liked to swap folded notes with each other containing silly messages.