Gil's House
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First appearance
Latest appearance
Type Residence
Address TITAN training planet
Associations Gil Marverde

Gil's house appears in the second half of of Chapter 3, where Gil Marverde and Nevy Nervine help Odin Arrow, Ava Ire and Maggie Lacivi to heal after the crash of their ship.


Gil's home is small house deep within a quiet dense forest of green-eyed monsters, which is a reference to Gil's sin, envy. Outside of his home, there is a completary TITAN statue. The trees were seen to have cried during the crash of Chapter 3. It is unknown why, however.


This is Gil's home after he was rescued by TITAN followers and passed their education system, and moved into the medical track.


  • Gil has lived there for 8 years.
  • The trees can cry and are called by Nevy of "green-eyed monsters", because of it, is unclear if they are part of the fauna or the flora.



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