Maggie's Mind
First appearance "page 811"
Latest appearance
Type Pact Mind
Associations Maggie Lacivi
Tuls Tenebrose

Maggie's Mind, also known as Maggie's Garden is a dense forest, with grass and trees with doors on the sides. Tuls has populated the forest with talking flowers and fairies to attempt to make Maggie less aggressive towards him. The doors lead to other sections of her mind, but so far only one area behind a door has been shown. It is first seen on page 811.


Maggie's Garden consists of fields of yellow flowers which speak to her, fairy like creatures, and a tree landscape which holds many doors leading to possible areas that can warp and change depending on the mood or intention of either Tuls or Maggie. While the flowers and fairies do interact, they are not separate entities and are instead created from the dream scape itself and are controlled by Tuls.


After entering Gil's ship, Maggie falls asleep and wakes up in her garden. She starts to look for Tuls, with little help from its other inhabitants. She eventually finds Tuls and convinces him to make a rose.



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