Maggie's rose
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First appearance
Latest appearance
Origin Tuls Tenebrose
Owner Maggie Lacivi

Maggie's Rose is the enchanted flower Maggie intends to give Gil in order for him to discover his feelings for her. It is created using Tuls' magic, and first appears in the "Maggie's Garden" animation. 

It is the sixth flower Tuls has created for Maggie. The reasons for the others failing has yet to be revealed, although is referenced when Odin comments on how she has been rejected multiple times in the past. 


  • It is the second to last of Tuls' seeds. Once the last seed is used, Tuls will no longer be capable of using magic.
  • Blue is the colour commonly associated with lust; it is also Maggie's favourite colour, and the one associated with Gil.
  • In real life, blue roses are unable to exist naturally due to biological limitations, and therefore all blue roses are simply dyed from white. This could allude to the artificial nature of the spell and the love that would result from it.
  • It is assumed that the rose might not entirely work due to Michelle confirming that Gil is gay, meaning that it might create an artificial love, half-work, or perhaps have no effect at all.


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