Magpie Arrow
First appearance "N/A"
Latest appearance
Full name
Other names
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Species Human
Symbols and themes
Affiliations Arrow Family

    Magpie Arrow is the sister of Odin, Raven, Crow, and Olai Arrow. Not much is known about her at this time. She has yet to make an official appearance, although she has been mentioned briefly by Odin.

While her relationship to the Arrows is not explicitly stated, it has been revealed that there are three Arrow girls[1], the first two being Crow and Raven. Along with this, her name, "Magpie", refers to a species of crow called Magpies, and thus would create contingency between the sisters names, as all three of them refer to birds.


Since Magpie has not appeared in the comic yet, her physical appearance is unknown. However, her character silhouette on the cast page is speculated to be the picture to the right of Crow and Raven's, as the background is a rectangular shape, indicating that said character has rectangular pupils. Should this be true, it would be in accordance to the appearance of the other Arrow children revealed thus far, as all of them (Raven, Crow, Odin) have variants of rectangular pupils. 

It is also thought that this silhouette is of Magpie because it has not only Raven and Crow on the same line, but potentially also the portrait of Olai. This would make the entire row uniform, in displaying the Arrow siblings all together (minus Odin, who is a part of the Host portraits).

Based on this silhouette, Magpie, like her sisters, has short hair, and also sports a bow on the left side of her head, much like Raven's right-sided bow.


Very little is known about Magpie. Most of the information surrounding her, much like Olai, is based on speculation.

We do know that Odin took his mission of retrieving Maggie for her "well-being"[2]. While this calls into question Magpie's health, physical or otherwise, the issue is not expended upon. However, this implies that Crow and Raven are aware of, or familiar with, the conflict involving their sister, as they do not require further explanation from Odin. Magpie's health might be a prominent family issue.


  • On the formspring, Michelle stated that Odin had a favorite sibling. Based on the poor treatment he has received from Crow and Raven, the disagreements/tension he has with Olai, and the fact that Magpie is one of his motivations to complete his mission, Magpie might be his favorite.
  • Magpie birds are known to be attracted to, and prone to stealing, small, shiny objects, like jewelry. This trait could perhaps reference Odin's ring, which is in fact fitted for a woman.
  • Magpie might have appeared in the watercolor drawing on page 1276, featuring three figures. It is speculated that the three figures represent the Arrow sisters, and if Magpie is in fact the character with a left-sided bow, than it is likely that she is the figure in the far right, crying.

    Magpie on the far right, crying next to her sisters in the watercolor drawing

  • It is also possible that Magpie is featured on page 1277. Since she references a bird, and her "well-being" has been called into question, the lines in front of the figure could represent bars. Thus, Magpie would be a "caged bird", held back by what could be health restrictions.

    Magpie as a caged bird, held back by what might be health restrictions



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