Nevy Nervine
First appearance "page 0125"
Latest appearance "Page 2028"
Full name
Other names
Gender Female
Sexuality Bisexual
Species Covetess
Host Gil Marverde
Sin Envy
Symbols and themes Water, fish, bubbles
Affiliations Gil Marverde

   Nevy Nervine is Gil Marverde's demon as well as his best friend. She has no memory of her former life. She speaks in pink text in a dark blue speech bubble, usually with a heart at the bottom. She first appears on page 0125.

Her first name "Nevy" is an anagram of envy, her associated sin. A nervine is a plant remedy that has a beneficial effect upon the nervous system, which may reference Gil's desired profession. Nevy's story contains many references to "The Little Mermaid".

Sometimes, seemingly in moments of emotional despair, her dress fades away and becomes apart of her skin, her eyes glow and she begins to resemble a striped cuttlefish.


Nevy is a mermaid-like Covetess. She has two horns resembling coral, blue circles resembling freckles scattered over her body, and slightly pointed ears. Her eyes are bright green, referencing the expression "green-eyed monster".

In Nevy's spirit form, her skin is a pinkish-purple and her horns, hands, and feet are bright pink. Her hair is very long, curly, bright blue, and resembles both water and tendrils of kelp. Nevy wears a two-piece outfit resembling a flowing, strapless swim dress.

After regaining her memories, her skin is a tad more pink, and she now has pink diamond shaped markings on her skin. Her horns grow longer, and her eyes are green with pink circular pupils. The pink on her arms and legs seem to grow further up and off her limbs. Her hair becomes a darker blue and her two-piece outfit now flows off her like kelp with pearls attached at the bottom. She also wears a pearl headdress and necklace.

When Nevy was alive, however, she wore a long dress held together with silver fins and ribbons, fit for her status as a priestess. Her hair was a darker blue and she had pink diamond scales on her cheeks. Michelle has revealed on her patreon that Nevy's clothes and horn decorations are actually organisms that have a symbiotic relationship with her. 


Nevy is a kind-hearted woman who has become strongly attached to Gil Marverde, the only person in the world who can see her and keep her company. She is aware of his naivete and is highly protective of him, warning him that Ava Ire, Maggie Lacivi, and Odin Arrow could be dangerous and begging him to flee at the first sign of trouble. As her associated sin is envy, she may have felt threatened by the trio, especially by the flirtatious Maggie. Nevy repeatedly tries to take Gil's attention away from Maggie and urges him to make her leave, objecting highly to his suggestion of taking the three with him to TITAN's headquarters.

Nevy has amnesia of her past life and is very interested in recalling her memories. She constantly reminds Gil that he has promised to ask TITAN about her life and is terrified that he won't do so. Interestingly, the sight of Odin reminds her of the sensation of being in love.

Skills and Abilities

Nevy's abilities seem to be based on the element of water. She can be seen frequently blowing bubbles or materializing bubbles with different shapes. Notably, Wrathia instructed Ava to find Nevy because she is almost as powerful as Pedri.

It's implied that she has the ability of reading minds, or entering one's mind. She can also talk to and summon the sea gods using her psychic powers.

Nevy is biofluxite which means she can change her biology with her mind.


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Nevy gaining her memories

In life, she was a warrior and princess of her own race of people, serving under Wrathia Bellarmina's empire. As children, Nevy and Wrathia seem to have a very close bond, and Nevy is confirmed to have fallen in love with Wrathia. It is unknown why their relationship ended but it is likely due to Wrathia taking the throne. Wrathia seems happy to take the throne though Nevy is very upset to lose her friend and old love. Years later now a priestess, Nevy meets Pedri and the two seem to fall in love, with Wrathia spying on them with a  monocular. It is then revealed that it was she and Pedri that killed Wrathia's first husband, not Pedri alone. Pedri is then shown with his head in Wrathia's lap, wearing her first husband's skull. Nevy is part of Wrathia's plan to kill TITAN.


Nevy coming to help Gil

It's assumed that after Gil's death and subsequent reanimation, she became attached to his soul. Initially not revealing herself to her life form, she eventually shows herself when Gil needs to pass a test to be trained as a doctor. Nevy helps him, and from then on the two become friends. Gil starts to talk to her, telling her that if they get closer to TITAN, maybe he could help Nevy back to her home. Nevy says her firsts words, revealing that she thinks that her home and life were taken from her and that she cannot remember her past life. Gil and Nevy start to live together, wishing to go to paradise to figure out Nevy's identity. In the year 3031, Nevy and Gil hear a strange noise.


Nevy fearing to lose Gil

Nevy tells him that it's dangerous and that they should stay inside, away from the explosion she heard, but Gil says that it is probably just a green-eyed monster falling and goes out anyway. When they get to the source of noise, they discover that it was a ship crashing, and find a girl in a horrible state. Gil starts saying that he wants to help her and that Nevy should search the ship for survivors, but Nevy argues that they don't even know if the strangers are friendly. Gil affirms that a doctor cannot ignore someone needing help. Nevy tells him that he can't be so nice to everyone and that she doesn't want to lose him for a bunch of criminals. Gil argues that he can take care of himself and that the people on the ship may need help, promising that it won't ruin their plans and that he will be an official soldier by the next night. Nevy then agrees to look for survivors. When going to search she tells Gil to take care of himself while she is gone. Nevy eventually finds a boy and a girl alive.


Nevy amused at what Gil said

When Gil starts saying that it is a miracle that the two are alive, Nevy is skeptical of them, claiming that it is really strange. Nevy makes her desire for them wake up before her and Gil's departure clear, and when Gil jokes about taking the two with them, Nevy becomew furious, saying that the three will just delay them and confesses that she wants to meet TITAN as soon as possible. Gil then reveals that it will actually be a long before they can meet TITAN, because he first needs to become an elite follower. Nevy is surprised by this and needs to be comforted by Gil, telling him how she is tired of living in limbo and how she wants to get out and stop being a burden to him. Gil reassures her that even though Nevy is a great mystery in his life, she is not a burden at all, because she has always supported him. He promises that they will find the answers that they want, no matter what it takes. Amused by what Gil tells her, Nevy goes down and looks directly at the boy they saved, suddenly remembering something before Ava wakes up and ends the conversation. After Ava rushes to the bathroom vomiting lava, Gil accidentally wakes Maggie up and becomes the object of her affections.

As Gil narrates his life story to Maggie, he begins to stutter at the same words "Except.." at the memory of Nevy's first few appearances. As he snaps out of his flashback he continues to make conversation with Maggie despite Nevy's attempts to be noticed and talk about remembering being in love. Once Maggie asks Gil if hell ask about his family Nevy becomes quiet and looks at gill worryingly.

In Gils ship, Odin says that Paradise might not even exist and that TITAN could use the tale to bait people into working for him. Nevy, who is laying on Odin's shoulder, wonders if TITAN baits people like baiting fish. She then makes a fish bubble between her hands and goes to Gil and says "tiny... little... fish" and then pops the bubble. Gil stares at her, but he doesn't look her in the eye. 


Nevy trying to get Gil's attention

At the Titan HQ, Gil and Maggie are waiting for Gil to become a doctor and Maggie to become a follower. Once they are called up to the counter Gev has trouble finding Gils file causing him to become nervous, similar to with the interview with Principal Via Nevy puts her hands on his shoulders to comfort him. Once they find his file Nevy is seen hanging off his shoulders telling him how proud she is of him. Nevy is then seen in a wedding dress attempting to gain his attention, repeatedly asking if hes going to keep his promise. They are interrupted by a blood soaked man stumbling in and desperately asking for soldiers, prior to Ava's encounter and transformation in the Gate to Paradise. Nevy then whispers that they will find their place in this universe.

After Ava's potion-induced rage inside a cargo vessel listening to Gil and Maggie's argument, Nevy is shown to be sitting looking on with an annoyed expression. When Gil is redlisted by Strategos Six, she sits by, looking on with a blank expression as she turns bioluminescent, changing her appearance drastically.


Nevy being discovered by Ava

Inside the cargo vessel, Gil expresses great discomfort when Ava challenges TITAN's goodness, and Nevy is faintly visible standing next to Gil as she possesses him, though she is only visible to Ava. Nevy is seen by Ava through her limbo lenses and is shocked and delighted when she realizes that Ava can see her. She declares that this must be "fate," and when Ava opens up Wrathia's book to her page, she reaches out and touches Wrathia's drawing of her. This causes her to appear the way she did when she was still alive. Nevy then sees Ava as Wrathia, similar to how Ava sees pacted hosts and says her name. Once this happens, Nevy regains her lost memories. Nevy then opens her eyes to reveal they are completely green, and then throws her head back and screams as Ava looks on with a shocked and worried expression. Nevy then changes into multiple different forms including one from her flashbacks as Ava and Gil look on in awe. In a bright flash of white Nevy settles on a single form looking larger than before with fish swimming around her. She addresses Ava as Wrathia Bellarmina and peers into her mind and calling her a traitor to her people as Ava yells at her to stop.


Nevy melting.

Nevy then causes a wave of water in the shape of a hand to form in Ava's mind crashing into Wrathia. She decrees that she will make sure Wrathia pays for her crimes of abandoning her people, claiming that her judgement has come. Nevy then reverts to her original ghost appearance and falls, she begins foaming at the mouth and slowly melts into sparkling sea foam.


Ava Ire

Nevy doesn't trust Ava, thinking she will hurt Gil. She later mind-probes Ava when she regains her memories, addressing her as Wrathia and promising judgement and revenge.

Maggie Lacivi

Nevy has never made direct comments regarding Maggie.

Odin Arrow

Nevy has never made direct comments regarding Odin.

Gil Marverde

Gil is Nevy's host. Gil and Nevy have a very supportive relationship, especially in comparison to the relationships between other demons and their hosts. Nevy tries her best to help Gil in times of need and Gil does the same in return. She is very protective of him and dislikes him putting himself in unnecessary danger.

Wrathia Bellarmina

When the two were children and teenagers, Nevy and Wrathia seem to have been in a romantic relationship, before Wrathia took the throne as empress. Nevy's feelings are unknown for Wrathia currently.

Pedri Nanezgani

At some point in her adulthood, Nevy seems to have had feelings for Pedri, possibly having a relationship with him, this didn't end pleasantly for Nevy however. Nevy's feelings for Pedri are currently unknown.


  • Nevy's favorite pastimes include reading fairy tales about knights and dragons, writing poetry, gardening with Gil, and helping Gil study.
  • In Wrathia's Plan, her image is shown signing the word baby.
  • Nevy likes Gil, sunlight shining through the trees, birds chirping, reading, gardening, talking, and singing.
  • Her ideal place to live is in a castle with knights in shining armor.
  • She dislikes thunder, storms, being alone, and being ignored.
  • Her favorite flower is the lotus.
  • Her favorite color is pink.
  • Her favorite animal is the shark.
  • Her favorite season is spring.
  • In Gil's flashbacks of class, a transparent Nevy can be seen in the background.
  • In some scenes, Nevy appears to be wearing a sort of wedding dress, especially when she is feeling strong emotions toward Gil.
  • It is possible that Gil cannot see Nevy when he is with Maggie, as Odin cannot see Pedri when he smokes his pipe.
  • Of all the demons, Nevy is the most empathetic.
  • Being around Odin reminds Nevy of Pedri, and the feeling of love.
  • It is revealed by Michelle on twitter that at some point in her past Nevy had feelings for both Wrathia Bellarmina and Pedri Nanezgani, though it is unknown if she still harbors these feelings.
  • It's theorized that Nevy bears high resemblance to the High Priestess tarot card, but that's just speculation by the fandom.
  • Nevy could be bisexual or pansexual based on her relationships with Wrathia and Pedri, but her sexuality is unconfirmed at this point.



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