Pedri Nanezgani
First appearance "page 0159"
Latest appearance "page 1647"
Full name
Other names
Age 300 (Human Years)
30 (Vengess Years)
Gender Male
Species Vengess
Host Odin Arrow
Sin Pride
Symbols and themes Death
Affiliations Odin Arrow
Wrathia Bellarmina


Pedri Nanezgani is the demon of Odin Arrow, and husband of Wrathia Bellarmina. He speaks in bright red text on a dark purple speech bubble. He is associated with death. He first appears on page 0159, and is later seen on page 1107.

"Pedri" is an anagram of pride, which is his associated sin. His last name, Nanezgani, is most likely related to the name Nayenezgani, which is Navajo for "Slayer of Alien Gods".[1]


Pedri first appears in the comic during a flash-back when Wrathia tells her story to Ava. He is shown to be very tall, with horns, three eyes, and four fingers. He is adorned in animal skulls and teeth. When Pedri appears in the present setting, his mask is shown to have cracked twice.



Pedri behind Ava

Pedri ruled over the empire with Wrathia, though she possessed more power than him. They had an heir to their throne, an egg laid between fifteen and twenty years prior to the beginning of the story.

He suggests to Wrathia that they take a stand against TITAN when he threatens to destroy their empire, since surrender would not guarantee survival. Wrathia doesn't know what happened to Pedri after her death, whether he drank the potion or fought. However, it is later revealed that he is possessing Odin when Ava views the world through the Limbo Lenses. Ava could not see him as he was behind her when she was wearing the limbo lenses.

Pedri is later seen sitting next to Odin after Wrava causes Titan HQ to erupt into lava. Odin, faced that near-certain death, hopes that the destruction was only the Scavengers doing, while Pedri hopes that Odin dies before he can find his answer. After the rampage, Pedri can be briefly spotted sitting behind Odin as Odin explains to a now-unconscious Ava of the events that just took place.


It has been confirmed that Pedri's powers include making illusions; he is shown using this power to create swarms of purple dragonflies for Wrathia's enjoyment.

He is also confirmed by Michelle as having death-related magical powers, which have yet to be demonstrated in-comic


Pedri's associated sin is most likely pride, based on his name. He is a good strategist, advising Wrathia that their surrender might not equal their survival, and since Michelle has revealed that Wrathia is bad at strategy, Pedri was most likely in charge of this department. The fact that he wears the skull of Wrathia's former husband could be a manifestation of his pride.


Wrathia Bellarmina

Wrathia is Pedri's beloved wife, with whom he once shared an Empire. After their deaths, Pedri missed Wrathia terribly and wishes to be reunited with her.

Odin Arrow

Odin is Pedri's host. The two have an extremely antagonistic relationship and share a mutual hatred for one another. Odin frequently tries to turn out Pedri by smoking Florem Mortem, while Pedri torments Odin and, like his wife, resents being confined to an inferior creature. They have only explicitly communicated once in the comic, and during their conversation, Pedri wishes death upon Odin, showing his contempt for him.


  • On the Ava's Demon formspring, Michelle was asked, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much Pedri loves Wrathia. Michelle replied with 11.
  • Pedri is the only demon that loves mornings.
  • The skull that Pedri wears was the skull of Wrathia's former husband.
  • Michelle has stated that Pedri likes sunsets on a blood soaked battlefield and long walks on a volcanic beach.
  • On the formspring, Michelle has stated that Pedri would lose to Wrathia in hand-to-hand combat.



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