Raven Arrow
First appearance "page 0542"
Latest appearance "page 1821"
Full name Ravenia Arrow
Other names Raven
Age 12
Gender Female
Species Human
Symbols and themes
Weapons Sniper rifle
Laser pistol
Affiliations Arrow Family


Ravenia Arrow, also known as Raven, is Magpie's sister, Odin and Olai's younger sister, and the twin of Crow. She speaks in dark purple text on a grey-purple speech bubble. She is first seen on page 0542.


Raven is the more childish, impulsive Arrow twin. She complains that Crow is often given more responsibility, despite that they are twins and should be treated with equal capability and intelligence.

She seems to enjoy teasing her siblings, as well as instigating fights between them.


Not much is known of Raven and Crow's lives, but at the tender age of twelve the girls are sent to track down their older brother Odin. Seeing that his ship has crashed and he's been knocked unconscious, they steal his ring and hide in the trees. While Crow works the red gem out with one of her knives, Raven mentions that she had suggested another plan and that if Crow and Olai just listened to her, they "wouldn't be here right now". When Crow finally pries out the gem and replaces it with the tracker, Raven asks her who gave her the tracking gem. After Crow implies Olai gave it to her, Raven complains that Olai "never trusts [her] with these missions", and goes on a tangent about how Olai thinks she's the "dumber" sister. Once Crow flings the ring down to where Odin can find it, the two take off.

Using the tracker, they follow Odin to Titan's Headquarters. Raven soon seizes an opportunity to lead him away from the crowd with the help of a gun, forcing him to put on handcuffs. When he refuses, Raven threatens to shoot him between the legs, only to accidentally fire the gun near his head. Nevertheless, he puts on the cuffs lest the "maniacs" actually manage to hit him. Crow gleefully takes a picture of her subdued brother in order to get a reward for tracking him, but becomes flustered when her sister mentions her upcoming date with a girl named Merita. When a shocked Odin tells Crow she is still too young to date, Raven encourages her embarrassed sister to stand up for herself.

They struggle to drag Odin with them to head back to their home planet, but he refuses to cooperate, determined to continue his mission. They insist that he's failed his mission, but a sudden fiery explosion prompts the sisters to abandon their brother and scram. He yells at them to at least give him the keys to his handcuffs, but Raven tosses them down so carelessly they fall into the sudden lava and melt.

Later, both Raven and Crow emerge from a trapdoor in TiTAN HQ, having survived Wrava's wrath. Crow immediately tries to contact Olai and arrange for a ride back to their home planet. However, when the message is transmitted, Olai is nowhere to be seen. Lucky, Merita, who happens to work for the Arrows as a maid, walks by at this time of the video transmission. Craw and Raven are able to catch Merita's attention.


Odin Arrow

Odin's twin sisters, the two seem to have power over him in some way, but only because Olai has the most in the family. Although they annoy him, Odin is overprotective with them.


  • Raven favors guns, appearing so far with both a sniper rifle and a handgun. Yet she seems to lack full control of her weapons, misfiring towards Odin and narrowly missing him in Chapter Thirteen.
  • Crow and Raven Arrow are loosely based off of Michelle and her sister, respectively.
  • Michelle has stated that Raven prefers shootouts, while Crow favors gore.
  • Her hairstyle and hairband resembles a character of the Vocaloid company, Rin Kagamine, but with darker colours.



Gallery of Raven Arrow



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