TITAN HQ planet
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First appearance "page 1004"
Latest appearance
Type Planet
Associations TITAN

The TITAN HQ Planet is a thriving, city-like planet where new recruits for the TITAN army can come and register. The planet has many advanced facilities and a lot of buildings that are used for presentations, meet-ups, recruitment, refugee centre, and other unknown purposes, possibly living spaces. It is home to many TITAN followers, along with several different ranks of TITAN guards.

Every two years, there is a showcasing of the "latest and greatest" of TITAN's achievements. It appears that during this showcase, Strategos Six visits the planet from Paradise for a presentation to the new recruits of the TITAN army.

TITAN HQ is illustrated in a blue color scheme and is first seen on page 1004.


In the year 3031, the planet is visited by Gil Marverde for recruiting purposes. He brings Maggie, Ava and Odin with him. Raven and Crow Arrow come to the planet searching for Odin. The showcasing attracts a lot of new recruits and during their presentation, Strategos Six shows The Gate to Paradise and selects Ava to use it, however as she tries to reject the offer, their assistant Prudith ends up being locked inside the machine too.


  • The bio-hazardous waste disposal bins outside the planet's Refugee Center are filled with empty stock bottles for heavy-duty sedatives such as Rohypnol and Midazolam. The bottle Ava picks up is for Pentobarbital, a sedative sometimes used for lethal injections.



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