TITAN training planet
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The TITAN training planet is where Gil's home is located and where many other followers live miles apart from each other for training. The planet is mostly isolated and full dense forest. The planet is also part of the large empire made by TITAN.


After passed their education system exam, followers begin this path to become apart of TITANS army. Followers are placed on designated planets depending on the field they are going into. The planets are isolated where many other followers live miles apart from each other for training.


The terrain consists of forests and flatlands, with little variation. The forest and fauna that live on this planet consist of tree-like Green Eyed Monsters, which are commonly depicted crying for unknown reasons, and open fields of bugs and simple wildlife.

This planet was terraformed by TITAN, implying that it was different and full of a bigger variety of wildlife. Evidence of this can be seen when Ava views the ghosts of the many creatures trapped in limbo still on the planet.

Gil's House

Gil's home is small house deep within a quiet dense forest of green-eyed monsters, which is a reference to Gil's sin, envy. Outside of his home, there is a complementary TITAN statue. Located on the side of his house is a garden with green, and blue plants.


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