• Avasjanitor

    One Year Anniversary

    December 10, 2015 by Avasjanitor

    Woah! It's been a whole year since I joined the wiki. I'm honestly a tad sentimental about this.

    Since it's december, I'm gonna set up some new years resolutions for this wiki! Here we go:

    • Infoboxes !!!!! (really important) - I need to create infoboxes for a variety of pages
    • Crew pages - while this does not need to be done by me, I still want to see this happen
    • Complete all book one chapter articles - again, I want to see this happen rather than necessarily do it myself
    • Welcome at least one more admin - this is something I'm a bit desperate for, honestly. This year marks my last year of high school (I'm studying VCE in Melbourne, Australia) and I will need to devote the majority of my spare time to my studies and art/design folios. I will reall…
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  • Avasjanitor


    February 19, 2015 by Avasjanitor

    Hi, everyone!

    As you may or may not have noticed, my request for wiki adoption has been approved, and I am now admin and beaurocrat. As such, I'm going to start changing some features around the wiki, such as the background, banner, tab navigation and more.

    I will also be looking for more admins, but I think this will be a multiple week process. I'm looking for someone who is on the wiki every day to edit, has been a member for more than a couple of weeks and presents themselves in a respectful way. The job of admin will mean lots of rule-making and template-making as well as moderation, so whoever wants to be admin must be up for that.

    If anyone is interested, comment or message me!


    The Janitor

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  • Avasjanitor


    February 2, 2015 by Avasjanitor

    Hi! I think this wiki should have admins -there is no moderation on the comments, and that anyone can edit is a little troublesome. In a week, if everyone agrees, I will send a message to wikia in regards to adopting the wiki. 

    That would make me (Avasjanitor) admin. Another person who I believe would make a great admin is IX. The Alchemist, who has contributed a great amount to the wiki and has been doing so before I resolved to, although it would be up to them to agree. I'm also reaching out in a couple other Ava's Demon communities to see if they would be interested, and am awaiting replies. 

    If anyone here would be interested, too, please do say so. I believe admins should be people who have done at least 25 edits at this point (the more…

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