Hi! I think this wiki should have admins -there is no moderation on the comments, and that anyone can edit is a little troublesome. In a week, if everyone agrees, I will send a message to wikia in regards to adopting the wiki. 

That would make me (Avasjanitor) admin. Another person who I believe would make a great admin is IX. The Alchemist, who has contributed a great amount to the wiki and has been doing so before I resolved to, although it would be up to them to agree. I'm also reaching out in a couple other Ava's Demon communities to see if they would be interested, and am awaiting replies. 

If anyone here would be interested, too, please do say so. I believe admins should be people who have done at least 25 edits at this point (the more the better!), and are willing to comment, moderate responsibly and will be active daily.

I think some of the changes that would come after adminship, hopefully, would be front page changes, background changes, favicon changes, and a very important one which I feel is necessary... people only being able to comment/edit if they make an account. This will mean that people can be held accountable for their actions, such as cyberbullying and page vandalising. Such people will be able to be suspended/banned from editing the wiki, too. This is a small look at many positive changes I believe will follow.

Please give me your feedback!

(This is copy and pasted from the post I made minutes ago, here)

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