Woah! It's been a whole year since I joined the wiki. I'm honestly a tad sentimental about this.

Since it's december, I'm gonna set up some new years resolutions for this wiki! Here we go:

  • Infoboxes !!!!! (really important) - I need to create infoboxes for a variety of pages
  • Crew pages - while this does not need to be done by me, I still want to see this happen
  • Complete all book one chapter articles - again, I want to see this happen rather than necessarily do it myself
  • Welcome at least one more admin - this is something I'm a bit desperate for, honestly. This year marks my last year of high school (I'm studying VCE in Melbourne, Australia) and I will need to devote the majority of my spare time to my studies and art/design folios. I will really need the extra help!
  • Stay up to date with the news updates and feature articles on the home page - again, this may require an admin's help. It's really difficult to do by myself while trying to juggle other things.

That's just a few things I can think of off the top of my head.

Happy holidays everyone, and much love!

The janitor

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