It's the end of the chapter and the 3-4 month hiatus and pretty happy about it. We get to see more thing such as what the vials was made for. More of Odin and Pedri. Pedri's backstory expands on both his and Wrathia's lore. But the best thing was Wrava (Wrath + Ava). She is everything Ava isn't, expressive, arrogant and sassy. We also know that subconsciously, Ava cares about Odin because she protected him and broke his chains during her rampage.  It's also sad so see certain characters go such as Strategos Six. Who is a very interesting and mysterious character who was killed too early. There are many questions we could ask like 'If there is a Six, can there be a Five, Four, Three, Two and One ?". So many unanswered questions, like how long does the vials last? Where did Odin learn the language? Where did Strategos Six went?. So many questions, so little answers. I am looking up to Chapter Eighteen for more answers

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