Okay so the wiki's attracted a lot of attention of late because of unfortunate reasons but let's use this oppertunity to show it some love! (which I think was the goal of a lot of people already so please do carry on) 

Unfortunately it doesn't look like there are any admins kicking around still? If anyone can get a hold of one that would be fantastic, since various things like deleting pages and groups requires admin permission, and it'll be tricky to clean things up without them. 

The main thing we need to focus on is detail, I think. The best wikis are concise but also have wide coverage. If you want to make a page about something (relevant), don't be afraid and just make it. Even if you don't have the time to write a detailed entry right of the bat, somebody will come along and fix it up for you. Over today and yesterday, efforts have been made to create separate entries for significant objects and the animated segments but we're still lacking entries for locations (Gil's planet, the schooling planet, Titan headquarters, etc) so if you're not sure of what to do that'd be a good place to focus on. 

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