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Leader Wrathia Bellarmina (former queen)
Known characters Wrathia Bellarmina
Pedri Nanezgani
Wrathia's Egg

The Vengess are a humanoid alien species which evolved from dinosaurs. The Vengess were ruled by Wrathia Bellarmina and Pedri Nanezgani, but one day TITAN invaded Wrathia's Home Planet and conquered the planet, their actual fate is unknown, but they are possibly at the point of extinction or being ruled by TITAN and the Followers.

Biologically, Vengess have horns and pointed teeth. Their blood works as a sort of superconductor for heat. Otherwise, they seem to be a genetically varied species, as seen in Pedri, who has three eyes. Smoking Florem Mortem also relaxes them.

The Vengess are capable of magic, as seen in the potions Wrathia brews, and Pedri's ability to conjure dragonflies.

Known Vengess


  • Vengess is derived from the Old French/Latin word "venge". It is the archaic version of "avenge". It also resembles the word "vengeance".
  • On the planet of the Vengess, one year is equal to ten Earth years.
  • Being distant relatives of reptiles, they lay eggs which take twenty earth years to hatch.
  • Vengess are a race of giants considerably larger than the typical humaniod
  • Vengess are negatively affected by cold temperatures.