Vengess empire planet
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Associations Wrathia Bellarmina

Vengess Empire Planet was chosen by Wrathia Bellarmina for her palace to be built on because of the abundance of Florem Mortem that grew there. Vengess lived there under Wrathia's rule until TITAN conquered the planet.


The planet is both full of Florem Mortem but it also had large deserts, warm oceans, and dry grassy mountains. The planet had constructions of varying sizes.


It is unclear whether or not Wrathia's home planet has been reformatted by TITAN, or is currently even inhabited by the Vengess.

Pact Minds
Ava's MindMaggie's Mind

Ava's School planetVengess empire planetTITAN Training planetTITAN HQ planetGil's Home planet

Other locations
Gil's House

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