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First appearance
Latest appearance
Origin Wrathia Bellarmina
Owner Ava Ire
Type Drink

The Vials are small bottles of potion included as part of Wrathia's plan, and are all currently in Ava's possession. There are seven in total. It is unknown what the effects of each of the potions are on the drinker, but Wrathia implied that they might act as a "power up", temporary or otherwise. She also stated that the drinker would only need one bottle for a lifetime, and to save them for dire situations. Each bottle has a distinct color, design, and symbolic item within it.

Uses and Effects

In chapter 15, Wrathia says to Ava Ire to drink the Red Bottle and to 'stop being scared and start being furious' in response to her being trapped with Prudith's limp body inside The Gate to Paradise. Upon drinking the vial, she slowly starts to ramble murderously, and the room goes ablaze. She begins to grow horns and fangs and gets covered with Wrathia-esque clothing. In fact, Ava's appearance is that of her and Wrathia's pact form. While it is still unclear as to whether a non-pacted lifeform is able to drink the bottles, it is unlikely that it is possible. It is equally unlikely that someone pacted with a different demon would be able to drink a potion not allocated to them.

The Red Bottle, drunk by Ava, is able to change the personality of the drinker. After consuming it, the drinker becomes extremely furious and maniacal, seemingly embodying the sin of wrath. Similarly to some drugs, the bottle makes the drinker gradually happy for using it. The drinker starts to emit copious amounts of heat and fire from their body, burning up their own clothes. However, the user acquires new clothes and an appearance similar to that of a Vengess, in likeness to Wrathia. It also seems to be able to superpower objects, as Ava's heart key necklace is transformed into a battle-axe, as both the key and the cord growing several feet in length. It is currently unknown if all vial drinkers gain weapons, or only the ones that have outside pact objects (as Ava had the heart key around her neck).

It has been confirmed that the second vial, with the nail, is Pedri's as he has to "swallow his pride"[1].


Wrathia's bottle streaks theory

Many theories have stemmed from the bottles, since Michelle has hinted at immense foreshadowing in her art. Each bottle has been theorized to represent each sin. It has been assumed that the first three bottles in the top row and the first on the bottom row represent wrath (Wrathia), pride (Pedri), envy (Nevy), and lust (Tuls), respectively, due to their color and the objects within the bottles. The remaining three bottles are suspected to be for the three possessed lifeforms and demons that have not yet been introduced: sloth, gluttony, and greed.

A major theory that has been agreed upon by many is that the fourth bottle in the top row is for gluttony, due to the round shape of the bottle and the molar tooth, which is associated with eating. The second bottle in the bottom row may symbolize greed, because of its silver and gold coloring. The last bottle in the bottom row is therefore for the sloth demon, containing what appears to be a sleeping pill.

Another theory is interested in the streaks that appear next to the bottles. Four of the bottles (assumed to be for wrath, pride, lust, and sloth) appear to have a certain number of streaks next to them. Lust has one streak, wrath two, pride three, and sloth four. The prevailing assumption is that these streaks represent the order of which the possessed lifeform and demon have made a pact. Since Maggie and Tuls were first to pact, followed by Ava and Wrathia, this theory is widely accepted. Therefore, the next pacts to be formed will be between Odin and Pedri, and the sloth host and demon. It is undetermined what the lack of streaks next to the remaining three bottles could mean.

It is possible that each bottle causes the user to be overcome by the represented sin; such as how the red bottle, representing Wrath, made Ava extremely furious and murderous as well as taking on a form somewhat between her own and Wrathia's.



  1. Michelle Czajkowski's livestream on March 14 2015

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