William Ascenzo
Personal demons
Nickname(s) Will
Full name
Based in Madison, Wisconsin
Role Musician
Website Bandcamp

William Ascenzo is an electronic musician from Madison, Wisconsin. William has composed a short album of songs for Ava's Demon, of which "The Demon" has been used in the comic. They have been involved in a variety of other fan music.

Professional history

From 2011 to 2014, William has created a number of songs for the webcomic Homestuck by Andrew Hussie, appearing on albums including "coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A" and "Homestuck Vol. 9". They can be found on the Homestuck Bandcamp.

Since they begun making music, they have created multiple albums and songs, including music inspired by other media such as Shakespeare's The Tempest, and video games Castlevania and Undertale. Amongst these works, William created an entire Ava's Demon inspired album, "Personal Demons".

William's latest album, "Spectral Signature", is an original story "drawing influences from magical girl anime and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure".


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