The Egg is the child and heir of Wrathia Bellarmina and Pedri Nanezgani. It was hidden by Wrathia and Pedri before they confronted Titan. Wrathia told Ava "It takes 20 of your years to hatch." This means that the egg may still be out there somewhere, but its location and chance of survival are unknown.


The egg is the same purple as Pedri and orange as Wrathia. It has a similar pattern as Wrathia, but instead of orange and red it is purple and orange. The pattern on the egg is also not entirely circular like Wrathia's pattern. There are three disctinct shapes on the egg; a circle, a heart, and a crescent. It is unknown what these shapes mean.


When Wrathia grew livid at the idea of surrendering to Titan, she started to heat up. Her dress sinjed and her crown and necklace started to melt, yet the egg remained unchanged. Other abilites are unknown since the egg has not hatched yet.


  • It was confirmed by Michelle that the egg was roughly the size of a house.

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